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San Francisco Earthquake Retrofitting

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TRUST  is the single most important aspect our professional team brings to the table. Over the years, our team has established client-contractor relationships that continue to last beyond project completion. These relationships and our team's three basic principals, People-Process-Product, have been instrumental in project execution and in establishing future connections with potential clients. 



Familiar with the unique fabric of San Francisco, our team strives to establish the best working relationship with our clients and their immediate environment. In the mist of a project, catering to client's needs and respect for theirs neighbors is essential to minimize the inconvenience these projects can bring and thus ensuring a smooth process.



From start to finish, our professional team handles each unique project with the most utter attention they require. Since the initial contact, establishing a sense of familiarity and security is most important while providing a prompt, detailed, and itemized estimate in days. After contract has been finalized, a schedule and plan of action is set forth, and procedures for setup and site preparation in phase one are carried out before demo.... Each process step taken ensures the success of the final product.



Representing all aspects of our company and professional etiquette,  the final product and satisfaction of our clients is The Everything. Here at San Francisco Earthquake Retrofitting we continue up to date with city requirements, new technologies, and safer practices, thus always improving overall outcome. Our promise to continue to help San Franciscans and Bay Area clients reside in safer more secure homes and buildings, is the building foundation for generations to come. 

Let us be your foundation
San Francisco Earthquake Retrofitting