Soft Story Retrofit  San Francisco Earthquake Retrofitters

Lower Haight St San Francisco Gallery

Signage – External toilet- temporary office- Security fencing-temporary power-permit parking.

Demolition is the key to our second phase and we practice safety measures at all time during this process and try to keep noise, pollution and environmental concerns at the forefront of our ethics.

Construction is our third phase and we carry this out with true craftsman like style. We pride ourselves in having some of the most efficient systems that we have incorporated over the years so they have been evolving with the company and have been tried and tested. We take care in making sure everything we do stands the test of time and off coarse reacts in the best possible way in the event of a earthquake.

We move swiftly with the city of San Francisco and I have built a strong relationship with the majority of Building Inspectors over my time in San Francisco Building field. We make sure when your project has passed final inspection that you receive all the proper documentation and plans.

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